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Playoff Games Give Chiefs Hope for QB Situation

If you had to choose between the following quarterbacks to lead your team, who would you choose?

If you ask 100 NFL Executives, probably 95 of them choose Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers. However, all of those teams would be sitting at home this coming weekend. They would be watching Joe Flacco lead the Ravens into Foxboro against the Patriots. They would also be watching Colin Kaepernick lead the 49ers into Atlanta against the Falcons.

Joe Flacco was the 18th pick, Peyton Manning the 1st.

Aaron Rodgers was the 24th pick, Colin Kapernick the 36th.

Too often in the NFL, franchises hang their hat on having a specific kind of quarterback.  A true pocket passer.  Someone with specific height, specific speed, a quick release and more.  But this is not the NFL of old, this is a new day.  Look at the list of ‘unconventional’ quarterbacks.

It would be very easy to debate this list, which I don’t want to do. My point is this: teams are going away from the old philosophy that says you must have a “stereotypical pocket passer.” What teams are doing today is building an offense around the skills of a player and allowing them to play. Not only is this resulting in wins, it is resulting in a very exciting type of play that energizes the fan bases of these teams. This type of quarterback play is also confusing defenses. Teams are having a harder time creating a game plan to stop these QBs and as a result struggle to beat these types of teams.

What does this mean for the Kansas City Chiefs?

In a year when your traditional pocket passer isn’t present in the draft, and the Chiefs have the #1 pick, what should they do? In my opinion, don’t look for “that” quarterback. Look for an exciting player that has the ‘it’ factor that Russell Wilson has. Get a QB through the draft, free agency, and/or trade, and build an offense around their skills. There aren’t “perfect” QBs available, but there are guys who are winners who haven’t been given the right chance yet.

The best news is, they are usually pretty cheap.

Who do you think the Chiefs QB will be in 2013?

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