Luke Joeckel is a major reason Johnny Manziel is now a Heisman winner. (Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

Draft Chatter: Chiefs, Mocks and Rankings

The conference championship games are locked and loaded for Sunday afternoon. For fans of the other 28 teams their focus is primarily on how their favorite 53-man roster can be upgraded for the 2013 season. Free agency will naturally be a part of every front office’s equation in pursuit of improvement, but most – if not all – teams build their foundation through the draft.

Here in Kansas City we’ve been eyeing the upcoming draft for quite some time and that focus has been increased exponentially now that the Chiefs have hired a new General Manager, John Dorsey, and have already rebuilt their coaching staff under Andy Reid.

For chuckleheads like me, the draft has always held a special place. I will watch the draft of any sport whether I follow that league (MLB, NFL, and now MLS) or not (NHL and especially the NBA). What does that mean for you? Well, a heapin’ helping of NFL draft-related content for the next three months. Then after April 25th, and maybe even before,  you’ll start to see plenty of baseball related draft content heading into the 2013 MLB Draft this June.

Tonight we begin my foray into draft related topics and content (yes, yes I know I have several college basketball games to recap from Saturday) and I could think of no better place than the latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft (published today) from our network’s flagship –

With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select …

Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia University

For the rationale behind the pick I encourage you to head to the mock and read up, but to be frank, I’m going to be a little underwhelmed if the Chiefs really do pick Geno, or any QB, as things stand right now. Things can of course change in the next three months, but as massive as Kansas City’s QB hole is, I just don’t see the logic behind reaching for the best guy at the position. Don’t get me wrong, I like Geno Smith (far better than Matt Barkley) but I don’t believe he’s worthy of being the first overall selection, or a top-10 pick for that matter. Let someone else overextend for a signal caller, take the top player on the board, like OT Luke Joeckel, and spend your second round pick on the best QB still available. The way this class looks right now, there’s going to be a quality QB sitting there who very well could wind up being better than all of his peers.

Kansas City doesn’t have a glaring need along the offensive line, at least not like the one at QB, but as Chiefs fans you don’t have to dip too far back into history to remember what a stacked O-line can do for a decent QB and decent surrounding cast. Impressed by what Alex Smith and more recently Colin Kaepernick has done with the San Francisco 49ers? You don’t have to look any further than the big boys slinging slop in the trenches to see that they are major reason for their improved QB play.

As mentioned above, plenty can and will change between now and late April. There will be no shortage of guys that shoot up the various draft boards and rankings and countless others will slide. As things stand right now, however, I’m on the Joeckel bandwagon.

Swapping the Chiefs selection of Smith for Joeckel in the latest FanSided Mock Draft, and assuming Smith were to go elsewhere in the first round (and I have no doubt he will), only Geno, Tyler Wilson and Ryan Nassib would be off the board when Kansas City is on the clock for their second pick. That means USC’s Barkley, NC State’s Mike Glennon and Tennessee’s Tyler Bray, among others, would be available.

If you’re curious on where Geno Smith currently sits in some of the draft rankings, here you go:

In those same sources, Joeckel is ranked 1st, 3rd, 4th and 3rd overall and is universally ranked as the top OT available.

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16 Comments on Draft Chatter: Chiefs, Mocks and Rankings

  1. superman_25_58 says:

    Listen we’re hurting at QB not TACKLE! JAMAL CHARLES WAS A TOP 5 RUNNING BACK BEHIND THIS LINE AND IT’S REALLY EVERY1 FIRST YEAR PLAYING WITH EACH OTHER SO THEY WILL JUST GET BETTER. You have to give Albert his Flipping money and get the Best available QB no ands,ifs,or buts about it. IMHO I believe we should get Geno Smith in the 1st “most accurate Qb in Dam* Near Ever” and knows how to play behind a shitty line….. Imagine what he could do with our good on the verge of Great Line that exists already, and pick up Ej Manuel in the 3rd

    • Wally Fish says:

      I think you give the current O-line a lot more credit than they deserve. They’re currently borderline passable with an upside of decent in my book. The current QBs on the roster are woeful but several lineman were getting pushed back and or blown up on nearly every passing play this season.

      I’ve always been a proponent that you take the best player available with your first pick and work from there. I’m a fan of Geno Smith but as the 1st overall pick? As things stand right now, hell no.

      I’m with on on giving Albert his money tough – on that we completely agree!

      • toperspective says:

        I agree. In no way is this a top notch offensive line. I’d like to see the Chiefs gamble by trading back a bit in the 1st round and pick up an additional pick. However, if Dorsey and Reid decide Geno is a franchise QB and not just the best available, then by all means grab him – even if it’s too high according to the rankings. Hey, as a Chiefs fan I’m used to the team taking guys way too early (see Poe, Jackson, Baldwin, et al). Based on how Pioli drafted I would guess he would be a horrible poker player.

        • Wally Fish says:

          Nicely done – especially your line on Pioli!

          I’m all for the team trying to trade back but to pull that off there has to be something there that a team wants to trade up to get. I’m hoping the combines and pro days will help with that but right now I don’t see anything that has teams salivating to grab.

          I’m on board if Dorsey/Reid truly decide Geno is a franchise caliber QB. If they make that pick, I can get behind it and trust their ability to make that decision. I like him as far as this QB class is concerned though I’m very intrigued by Mike Glennon.

          Right now however, I don’t believe he is a franchise guy. I watched him wilt and disappear against the better defenses he played this season. He doesn’t seem to have that “it” factor that allows him to put a team on his back and will them to a win when the chips are down. When they come out flying, he does a great job of keeping things at a high level but when they’re flat they tend to stay flat (the OU game being an exception – though they still lost). Of course that’s on WVU as a whole and not just him as the team’s QB but it is a red flag to me.

          I might like him a lot better as I watch more video on guys and study things more in depth in the coming months, but the same can be said for a lot of guys I’m sure.

          • toperspective says:

            You’re right about the “it” factor. Even in Cassel’s good season, I had no confidence that he would be able to engineer a game end drive or a 4th Q comeback. Houston has to be feeling the same way about Schaub and SF obviously felt the same way about Smith. There are a number of teams that need a QB (Jags, Cards, Jets, etc.) so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. There are always teams that are willing to trade up a few spots to get the guy that they’ve fallen in love with. At least the number 1 spot isn’t the financial disaster it was under the old CBA.

          • superman_25_58 says:

            But if they are trading up to take a Qb in the #1 spot than there is no reason for the CHIEFS not to take a chance on a QB in the first round and that being Geno Smith! Since the Jags and our Beloved chiefs are last in league from poor Qb play we scored 13.9 pts per game bc of the Qb situation and no other position is going to fix this but Qb, to me this is a no brainer it’s time to take that chance without a HUGE loss due to the new CBA!

          • toperspective says:

            What happens if Dorsey, Reid et al are not all that impressed with the QB options? What happens if they don’t think any of them have the potential to be a franchise guy? Should they just throw away the #1 pick just to get a QB?

          • superman_25_58 says:

            It’s hard to believe that Andy having being a Qb guru, Matty Nagy Qb coach, and Pederson OC that will not call the plays so basicly another Qb coach to help develop a young Qb will go another direction with their first pick. I believe Andy see’s a lil of Mcnabb in Geno they both have strong arms, both makes more Good decisions than bad,both can move in the pocket while keeping eyes down field, and both can make plays with feet if need be. Reid drafted Mcnabb with the #2 overall pick in his draft and had his most productive years with Mcnabb at the helm. Geno is a lot more accurate than Mcnabb was……. Just Sayin

          • toperspective says:

            And I’m just saying that if the Andy and friends decide that Geno is their guy, then I’m happy with picking him 1st. I’m also ok if they choose a non-QB first because they feel that Geno is never going to be really good, Why waste the pick if they don’t think he will ever be a SB quality QB?

          • superman_25_58 says:

            It would just seem so stupid to think that after Reid went after Mcnabb #2 overall bc he best fit his style offense, one would think that Reid would take the same chance with Geno, and I don’t see any other Qb in DRAFT or FA fitting Reid’s style of play quite like Geno Smith “short fast screens/Deep ball. Geno is Young Talent that altleast has a chance to blow up! What Qb would you rather have behind the center leading the troops to war? I don’t believe there is a Qb in FA or the Draft that is better than Geno on paper, can’t really compare him to NFL play yet bc he hasn’t gotten a chance to prove himself yet. If we don’t go Geno first pick than I’m a firm believer in trying to trade for Kirk Cousins bc he is young and atleast he has showed he can handle being behind the center in the NFL and I think Geno is way better than Cousins.

          • toperspective says:

            I’m not saying we shouldn’t draft Geno. I’m just saying that it’s up to the Chief staff to decide if Geno is the guy. They have the experience and expertise to make that decision….I don’t. Re Cousins – he’s not going anywhere because of RGIII’s surgery. There is a decent chance that RGIII won’t be ready for the start of the season. The QB’s available outside of the draft will probably be Flynn, Alex Smith, Matt Moore, Kolb, McCoy. Nothing to get too excited about in that list.

          • superman_25_58 says:

            I agree about cousins not going any where and since that’s the case and after looking at this list who wants a Qb who couldn’t beat out a rookie? Agree again not one in the list to really get overly excited about.

        • superman_25_58 says:

          If you read I never said they were top notch O-line what I said was they are all really YOUNG,BIG, MOBILE and has helped pave the way for JAMAL CHARLES and the CHIEFS and earn the respect of a TOP 5 RUSHING ATTACK. SINCE THEY ARE SO YOUNG AND ACHIEVED THIS RANKING IN THE NFL…. THAT MEANS ONE CAN ONLY BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN ONLY GET BETTER (PASS PROTECTION) WITH EXPERIENCE. I mean this is why teams that are young and never been to a Playoff/Superbowl game find it hard to win in this type of atmosphere and without the experience of actually being to the BIG SHOW RIGHT? All I’m trying to say is every year someone messes with the line instead of letting the above average YOUNG, BIG, MOBILE line you have develope and gel together. Goes back to the saying if it’s not broken yet why fix it? Get Geno in here “BC THE QB SPOT IS DEFINATELY BROKEN) behind this line and see what an actual Qb can DO while they are Gelin together could be the start of something speacial…. Just Saying!

      • superman_25_58 says:

        I’m not giving the current O-line more credit than they deserve, I’m giving them the exact credit they deserve. Our line is really young, BIG, and yes can only get better. Lilja is out to retirement.

        If re-signed Albert – 28yr old – (6-5/316lbs), Allen – 23yr – (6-5/315lbs), Asamoah – 24yr – (6-4/305lbs), Hudson – 23yr – (6-2/300lbs), Winston – 29yr – (6-7/302lbs), and Stephenson – 24yr – (6-6/312lbs)……. We have Young BIG MOBILE Lineman why would you want to start messing with the line when we clearly need other needs in the draft maybe draft a Lineman in the 7th like Stanfords C, Sam Schwartzstein (6-3/290)

        • Wally Fish says:

          So your rationale is that they’re young and big? Sorry that doesn’t work for me as a justification for thinking this line doesn’t need an upgrade given what we saw on the field. Beyond that I haven’t broken down all the O-lines across the league but they don’t strike me as that much bigger than other lines in the league and there’s a LOT more to a quality line than just height and weight.

          They could improve but there is no guarantee of that and the odds of them ALL taking a step forward at the same time is basically zero. It’s this kind of thinking that has had the Royals spinning their wheels for nearly three decades.

          Based on what I saw on the field this season they need to improve quite a bit before we can start washing our hands and calling that aspect of the team good. The line needs a good bit of help and given that offensive production begins with a quality O-line it’s a smart way to go given the way the draft appears to be setting up.

          • superman_25_58 says:

            Their starting Center got hurt and Lilja’s small ass had to fill in there, than Albert got hurt and we had both rookies playing in the end. We ended up being a top 5 rushing attack. Yes I know our passing was Horrible but I can not put that on the O-line that’s all on the QB’s IMHO. Albert only allowed one sack all year, Winston will get back to pro-bowl form next year when he doesn’t have to baby sit and try and do too much helping out the young players. So ya with most of these guys being YOUNG this year these guys being, ALLEN-23, ASAMOAH-24, STEPHENSON-24, and Hudson is also young at 23 yrs old these young guys helping pave the way for Jamal a 1500 yrd season and a TOP 5 rushing attack “minus Hudson who will be an instant upgrade and bigger more physical body next year at center from Lilja” with no PASSING game to worry about with our poor QB play…… So ya like I said I have no problem with this young line and Ya they do need to improve I agree but every young player has to improve coming up to the next level. I would use like I said a 6-7th round pick on a lineman to work with and back up the starters like Stanfords C Sam Schwartzstein good smart overall interior lineman.

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