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Kansas City's Quarterback, Andy Reid's Most Important Job

Andy Reid is officially the head coach of our Kansas City Chiefs. Right now he is trying to put together a staff, and working to find his coordinators. As important as that task should be, he has one that is much more important ahead of him. Finding Kansas City’s next starting quarterback is unequivocally his top priority.

The NFL Draft is obviously going to be a place where Reid focuses to find a QB, but are there other options also available? I’ll break down the QB list into three categories.  Free Agents, Possible Trades, and the NFL Draft.

Free Agent Quarterbacks:

There are many more QB’s who are free agents, but these are the notable ones. Matt Moore had a nice conclusion to the 2012 season, but most would consider him to be a backup at best. Jason Campbell is very much a Russell Wilson type player, but never had someone who would create an offense around his skills. With the Raiders he had an 82.5 QB Rating, which would have made him the 19th best, or 13th worst, QB this year. However, with the “pistol” offense coming on strong, it’s possible Campbell could succeed. The same offense structured for a player’s skills could help someone like Tarvaris Jackson be more successful as well. Joe Flacco, while still not a Hall of Fame QB, is definitely the best of the free agent class, but most believe he will get tagged before free agency begins. Drew Stanton and Chase Daniel are two QBs who were fairly successful in college, but have not had a chance to perform. Daniel being a Heisman Finalist in 2007 has many skills which could make him a good solid quarterback in the NFL.

Possible QB’s to Trade:

Let’s not go crazy over Tebow, but if Reid would create an offense around Tebow’s strengths, I would love to see what he could do with this team, and this cast. Keep in mind that Tebow led Denver to a 7-4 record in games he started. Mark Sanchez has the most experience of any QB on this list. I’ve read several reports from experts saying that it is highly likely that teams could trade for any of these QBs and Tebow and Sanchez may actually be released. Matt Flynn could be a fairly cheap trade as Seattle is anxious to rid itself of his high price tag since he ended up being a backup to Wilson.

Drafting a Quarterback:

  • Geno Smith – West Virginia
  • Matt Barkley – USC
  • Mike Glennon – NC State
  • Tyler Wilson – Arkansas
  • Tyler Bray – Tennessee
  • Landry Jones – Oklahoma

With the Chiefs being “on the clock” they can choose any of these QBs IF they’d like, but it is my opinion that we need an “all of the above” approach. Andy Reid would be smart to follow Caroll’s example and add multiple quarterbacks this offseason to create a true competition. That would be a change of pace as it’s something that Scott Pioli, Todd Haley and even Romeo Crennel never seemed to accomplish.

If I were making the decision today, I’d do whatever is necessary to get Matt Flynn, Tim Tebow, Geno Smith and Chase Daniel. If we had those four quarterbacks, I’d say the Kansas City Chiefs could get to .500 next year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  What is your realistic quarterback depth chart for the 2013 season?

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