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Hopefully by now you’ve made KC Kingdom a part of your daily, or at least weekly, reading routine. For that we offer up our hearty thanks and hope our content and coverage compels you to stick around and spread the word.

With that in mind I’m happy to announce that our network has made it even easier to keep tabs on what we’re doing. By signing up for FanSided Daily, you can have headlines from our site, or any other site on our network, delivered right to your inbox.

It gets even better because you can customize the teams or sites that are included in the daily email you’ll receive. You can choose your team(s) by region, sport, team or topic – and in any combination, you’re in control.

But that’s not all, this service is also completely free of charge and there’s no need to worry about it overloading your inbox. It’s a true one-a-day consolidated collection of content for you to peruse.

FanSided Daily

Obviously if you’re reading KC Kingdom, you are a fan of at least one of our area teams (or perhaps you are a devoted friend or family member of myself or one of our other writers). If that is the case, I humbly offer up some suggestions – in addition to KC Kingdom of course.

Sites with local ties:

  • Arrowhead Addict – The site that started it all for FanSided, AA is the powerhouse of our network and is currently run by our network’s VP of Content, Patrick Allen.
  • Kings of Kauffman – Our Kansas City Royals site, started by yours truly back in 2009 and run by KC Kingdom staffer Michael Engel, it is the best regularly updated Royals site going.
  • Through the Phog – Covering the Kansas Jayhawks
  • Jug of Snyder – For all you K-State backers out there
  • Zoulogy – Our Missouri Tigers site. It’s currently without staff but as soon as it’s back up and running you’ll start getting Mizzou headlines if you select it.

Sites with a more general focus worth checking out:

There’s plenty more to choose from as we have over 200 sites covering the vast majority of the sports landscape. Sign up here today to give it a try.

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