Dec 23, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid during game against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field. The Redskins defeated the Eagles, 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid: A Brief History of KC's New Head Coach

Kansas City Chiefs have announced today that Andy Reid is the next head coach. Scott Pioli is out. Romeo Crennel is out. With this news, and the positives and negatives, lets take a look at Reid’s track record.

Andy Reid coached the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 – 2012.

  • 1999, 5 wins, quarterback: Pederson
  • 2000, 11 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2001, 11 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2002, 12 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2003, 12 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2004, 13 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2005, 6 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2006, 10 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2007, 8 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2008, 9 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2009, 11 wins, quarterback: McNabb
  • 2010, 10 wins, quarterback: Vick
  • 2011, 8 wins, quarterback: Vick
  • 2012, 4 wins, quarterback: Vick

Andy Reid had some very successful years in Philadelphia and most franchises would be ecstatic to have those types of wins in each season. However it’s very easy to see that his best years were all with Donovan McNabb, and when McNabb was young and healthy. Philadelphia during Reid’s tenure averaged 9.28 wins per year, and included 10 playoff wins. In that same span of time, Kansas City has averaged 7 wins per year and didn’t win a single playoff game. If Reid hasn’t lost his touch, and is able to replicate what he did with Philadelphia, will Kansas City Fans be happy with the outcome?

As a longtime Kansas City Chiefs Fan, my answer is a resounding yes! The only question will be who is Reid’s “McNabb” this time around and surely the rumors on that topic will be flying soon. Reid’s hiring, and this history, will have some fans excited and some disappointed. If you listened to Jeremiah Trotter’s interview today, and actually care about what he has to say, you’re likely disappointed. However, I am willing to overlook the negatives and look to the positives.  The list is long of Super Bowl caliber coaches who have bad years like Reid did this year in Philadelphia. My prediction is not a “Colts”esque turnaround for 2013, but 2014 will be an exciting and hope filled year!

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