Jamaal Charles at the 2011 Pro Bowl. (Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)

Hawaii, Here We Come!

After this depressing season that we have had to endure, it is nice to pull something good away from 2012. Admittedly, the Pro Bowl itself, has grown into a boring game that is hard to even watch. I turned it off after the first quarter last year because I felt like I was watching flag football. But, the good you can pull away from this is the honor these players receive.  Prior to 1995, only the coaches and players were voting.  Now, the fans also have 1/3 of the vote.

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Our five “all-stars” are Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Dustin Colquitt and Eric Berry. It is amazing to me that two of these players are just over a year removed from ACL surgery.

I was a bit surprised by the Eric Berry pick. Although he has definitely began to play much better in the past few weeks, he has not had a very good season. He was getting torched by tight-ends in the first half of the year and just looked slow on the field. He has come on strong and looked very good to close out the season. Granted, it could have something to do with the play-calling. He seems to be blitzing a lot more since Romeo relieved himself of the defensive coordinator duties.

If it wasn’t for Adrian Peterson, I think that you could make a good case that Jamaal Charles could be MVP.  Currently, he is third in rushing this season and is only 34 yards behind Marshawn Lynch. No doubt Charles has been putting up amazing numbers.

Tamba Hali has not been as prolific as he has in the past, but he has opened up a lot of avenues for other players while quietly having a good year.  When I watch Tamba play, I don’t understand how the left tackle doesn’t get called for hold 4-5 times a game.  He is so quick off the snap and has such a high motor.  He is perfectly suited for the 3-4 outside linebacker position and was always undersized when playing defensive end.  He still has nine sacks on the season and 49 tackles.  Justin Houston on the other side of the line has ten sacks matched with 57 tackles.

When Colquitt was drafted in 2005, I thought number 99 overall was a little high.  He has done nothing but prove me wrong. There are not to many seasons that result in more players making the pro bowl than wins. It doesn’t really change anything on the field but after a tough year for Chiefs fans, it’s nice to see some players on the team getting recognition around the NFL.

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