Flowers has to stay healthy for KC to have success. (Photo Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)

What Santa Leaves At One Arrowhead Drive For The Chiefs

Santa is a Chiefs fan. (Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports)

Laying on the couch with my son a few days ago and the conversation goes like this:

SON: “Dad, do you believe in Santa Claus”?

ME: “What do you mean?” (Trying to feel out his intention without giving too much away)

SON:  “You know, do you believe Santa Claus is real?”

ME:  “Well, I believe there was a man, ‘St. Nick’, who gave presents to kids and did many wonderful things.”

SON: “Boy, the Jayhawks are ‘killin’ em, aren’t they?”

ME: (A big sigh of relief!)

Even though I dodged a bullet, it got me thinking.  If Santa Claus were real, what would he leave at One Arrowhead Drive this year?  Of course, no one knows the mind of Santa, but I know what gifts I would give, and I bet you do too.

Here is my “Santa’s Wish List for the Kansas City Chiefs”

1) A new head coach: As has been well documented, Romeo Crennel is not head coach material. He cannot game plan, make adjustments, prepare his team, or any of the other requirements of a head coach; at least not consistently.

2) Multiple talented QB’s to compete: Todd Haley was right about one thing, we need competition. The Seattle Seahawks are a great example of what can happen when you have competition. Russell Wilsonmight never have emerged if they didn’t have three viable QB’s to compete for the starting job. Do we need a QB in the first round? Maybe, but we definitely need multiple QB’s. As of right now, we have exactly zero on our roster that are legitimate.

3) Defensive Back Talent: In today’s pass-happy league, we need multiple shutdown DBs. We have at least one, and we have potential with Berry, but we don’t have confidence in any of them beyond Brandon Flowers. And as we’ve seen this year, when Flowers goes down, we are in trouble.

So that’s my wish list for One Arrowhead Drive, what’s yours?

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