Romeo believes the offense is "fine" but no one else does. (Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

A Single Comment That Defines Our Chiefs

At halftime of the Cleveland Browns game Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel was asked what’s wrong with the offense. His response sums up an entire season, and defines who the Kansas City Chiefs are in 2012. For context, here is a recap of the Chiefs 1st half possessions:

  • 1 Play, 80 Yards, Touchdown
  • 10 Plays, 71 Yards, Missed FG (1/1 3rd Downs)
  • 8 Plays, 26 Yards, Punt (0/1 3rd Down)
  • 7 Plays, 23 Yards, Punt (0/1 3rd Down)
  • 5 Plays, 2 Yards, Punt (0/1 3rd Down)
  • 5 Plays, 19 Yards, Punt (0/1 3rd Down)
  • 1 Play, End of Quarter

Let’s augment with this year’s rankings:

  • Scoring: 31st
  • Yards per game: 22nd
  • Passing: 31st
  • Rushing: 5th
  • 3rd Down Conversions: 21st
  • Give/take: 32nd

Any team in the NFL must be in the top 10 to have a realistic chance in today’s league. There are teams that can drop
slightly below this mark if the other side of the ball is in the top 5. We have neither.

As a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs for 25 years, I have seen the glory days of Marty-ball. These days were defined by tough defense and a conservative offense. It was frustrating much of the time, but it got the job done with regular postseason appearances.

We graduated to the days of the “Greatest Show on Turf, Part 2″ with Dick Vermeil. The offense was fantastic, excluding year one, with four consecutive years of top-5 offenses and three as either the best or second best in the league. Unfortunately, those years didn’t garner much success due to the other side of the ball being in the bottom 15 every year. What great teams have is balance, and consistency on both sides of the ball.

On Sunday, when asked what needed to happen to get the offense going Romeo Crennel said, ”The offense is fine.” Romeo’s comment made me mad. I actually yelled at the radio. Anyone else doing that lately?

Yes, we have a quarterback problem. Yes, we have many other holes to fill. We have depth issues and injury issues. But the issue that is at the heart of the problem, is our coach. Why would the offense want to be better when our coach thinks they’re “fine.” This after a 1/5 3rd down conversion rate. Yes, yards looked good in the first half, but take out the three big plays, and yards were non-existent.

I know I am in a minority here, but I think Scott Pioli deserves more time, even though RAC is his coach. Kansas City is a
promising team, with lots of talent. But when the coach thinks 31st in scoring is “fine”, that’s what needs to be changed.

“The offense is fine,” defines our team, and our problems.

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7 Comments on A Single Comment That Defines Our Chiefs

  1. I disagree that Pioli needs more time. He may have brought in some talent but for me, he has whiffed on two of the most important parts of his job. The QB and the head coach.

    I don’t think he should be given the chance to hire three coaches.

    • Wally Fish says:

      Your last line is one of the big reasons I think the org needs to move on from Pioli. No GM in any sport should be allowed to hire a third coach/manager if the first down were fired for lack of performance.

  2. But I am with you on Romeo. He just isn’t a good head coach. Clueless.

  3. chiefridgy says:

    When I listen to Crennel speak I just want to reach out and choke him. He never knows why his team is playing bad and finally concluded the players were under-performing. For a coach who’s players supposedly like him he just threw them all under the bus.

  4. Travis Forsyth says:

    good by romeo crennel and Hello Chip Kelly. :)

  5. TAZMOSIS says:

    Whoa, Chip. Hold the phone! I am pretty sure that it was Pioli who gave this genius the job in the first place. Pioli knew from his history that Crennel was not head coach material. Yeah, I get it. When Crennel won two of three to end 2011, it was a warm and fuzzy story. But that is all it was. This team came back to reality two months ago, and no decision was forthcoming from Pioli as to the root cause. Well, the root cause is standing on the sidelines every Sunday. And that person was foisted upon us by the soon to be gone GM. And Chip, when you say that you are in the minority in bringing Pioli back, as the saying goes….”You got that right”.

  6. I will agree with you all, RAC is Pioli’s coach, and if he gets fired because of “whiffing” on two coaches, I am ok with that. It’s just so difficult to know who you are getting with decisions like these. Sometimes, the evil you know is better than the unknown….. Many are talking about the possibility of the Pollian’s…. at least they have a record to look at.

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