Dayton traded not one, but TWO pieces of the immediate future Sunday evening. (Photo Credit: H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports via USA TODAY Sports)

Dayton Flushes Future: Trades Myers, Odorizzi and More

Were you looking forward to seeing Wil Myers at Kauffman Stadium in a Royals uniform? Well you’re now out of luck as Dayton Moore just pulled off what might go down as the worst trade in team history. Looking forward to Jake Odorizzi in the 2013 rotation? Yeah, he’s gone now too.

I am so enraged by this trade I am almost literally seeing red. Earlier in the week I devoted nearly 2,000 words to an article explaining why James Shields is not as good as people believe him to be and why trading Myers for him would be a terrible decision for the Royals organization.

I would not have traded Wil Myers for James Shields straight up. On that Dayton and I apparently agreed. Of course he went the other direction and dealt Myers and more.

Based on the details we have now, the Kansas City Royals will get James Shields, Wade Davis and a player to be named later or cash. The Tampa Bay Rays will receive Wil Myers, but that’s not all. They will also receive Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard.

To get two seasons (at best) of James Shields and a back of the rotation/bullpen arm in Wade Davis they just jettisoned Myers, their future in right field who was under team control for at least six years and a middle of the rotation arm in Odorizzi. Both players were ready to contribute to the major league team this season.

On top of that – as if getting simply fleeced wasn’t enough – Dayton also dealt away the enigma that is Mike Montgomery. Yes, he’s been disappointing the last two years but you don’t just give away guys with that type of talent for absolutely no reason. Making sure the Rays completely bent Kansas City over the table, Dayton Moore also included 3B prospect Patrick Leonard, the team’s 2011 5th round pick. While he’s not a big name and not currently viewed as a premium talent, he is coming off an encouraging debut season in the Appalachian League. As a 19 year old he hit 14 HR in 62 games while showing solid plate discipline and on-base skills.

No joke, this trade has made me sick to my stomach. I will have a more in depth, and hopefully more level headed analysis of the deal at some tomorrow. I’m also hoping I will wake up and this will all have been just a bad dream.

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