The quality of Quinn's performance on Sunday was a welcome surprise in Kansas City. (Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

A Very Brady Honor: Quinn AFC Offensive Player of the Week

Brady Quinn may not be a part of the future for the Kansas City Chiefs, but on Sunday he took the field at Arrowhead under very difficult circumstances and was nearly flawless. Thanks in large part to his unexpected performance the Chiefs sent the Carolina Panthers home with a 27-21 loss. Quinn’s efforts on the field not only brought the team it’s first home win in seven tries this season, it also led to him being named the AFC’s Offensive Player of the Week.

I have gained a lot of respect for Quinn over the last few days. Not only did he have the finest game in his otherwise lackluster NFL career this past weekend, his post-game comments showed a level of insight and eloquence not often found in a public statement.

The fact that the Chiefs were able to upend a Panthers team that has also struggled to win games this season is hardly a surprise. Brady Quinn’s performance however certainly was. He was 19-23 on the day for 201 yards and hit eight different receivers. With two touchdowns and nary an interception added to the mix his QBR was a stellar 97.6 (100 is the max, 50 is average).

Improbable doesn’t even do his performance justice. Prior to Sunday’s game he was 48-83 for 434 yards, zero touchdowns and four interceptions in parts of five games under center for Kansas City this season. Quinn’s performance was also the first time in 2012 that a Chiefs quarterback threw a touchdown pass without also throwing an interception. That’s both encouraging and depressing at the same time.

It’s also entirely indicative of the level of quarterback play we’ve seen in Kansas City this year. We will have to see what he has in store for us as an encore in Cleveland this weekend.

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  • Leon Ritz

    I was impressed by Quinn last week, but then again it doesn’t take much to be impressed after the QB play we have had so far this season. He really seemed to be decisive and make quick reads. I also saw something you don’t see out of Cassel which is the ability get the ball out quick and find an open receiver, he had a couple of plays where there were men open downfield and he took the check down but I would rather that happen then try to force something and throw a pick. I still think we need a QB in the draft but I think Quinn could be a capable back up for us. We will see what happens over the next four games but it was very nice to finally see some good play out of one of the Chiefs QBs this season.

    • Wally Fish

      I would agree with your assessment of Quinn in the Panthers game but what he’s done in the other games factors in here too. I’m not sure I even buy him as a backup but I’m not opposed to that thought if he can carry his performance forward.

      • Leon Ritz

        Oh don’t get me wrong I am by no means sold on him being a back up, I want to see how he does the next four before deciding that. I want to think that he is knocking the rust off but then again he didn’t play the best when he was fresh out of college when he wasn’t rusty. I still see him as no more than a back up so hopefully we will get the QB we need in the first or second round of the draft.