Chiefs Coaching Staff Needs To Show Faith In Brady Quinn

Apparently the Brady Quinn era in Kansas City will continue for at least one more week as Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel has reportedly named Quinn the starter for this week’s game against the Raiders.

It’s hard to know what to make of this at this point, but the Chiefs appear ready to move forward this season with Quinn as their starter and Matt Cassel on the bench.

I don’t believe it matters who the team plays at quarterback if the coaching staff is going to show no confidence in the players at the position which is what they have done and will most likely continue to do. Cassel didn’t exactly light the world on fire when he got the chance this season but you could argue he never really got a chance. It was obvious from the outset that the Chiefs were going to be conservative on offense, reverting back to Herm ball with Romeo at head coach and that is exactly what they have done.

Many would argue that Cassel and the quarterback position forced their hand, but this team has plenty of playmakers on offense and at receiver, so they need to open things up. If they are going to lose, they might as well show some fight while doing so and their dink and dunk offense isn’t showing fight.

The game against the Bucs did nothing to make me think that will change with Quinn at quarterback. Quinn and Cassel are not Chad Pennington or some other weak-armed quarterback, they have big enough arms (particularly Cassel) to drive the ball down the field and get some big gains. Neither quarterback is great, but with the weapons around them, this team should be better.

Kansas City has a strong running game but if they actually want to lead in a game this season, they are going to have to move the ball through the air as well. The Chiefs receivers need to be better too, Bowe and McCluster need to stop letting balls bounce off of them for interceptions and Jon Baldwin needs to get on the field more (who’s fault that is, is debatable), but the Chiefs can’t completely give up on passing in a passing league.

The Chiefs coaching staff needs to at least pretend they have some faith in their quarterback position both in the media and with their playcalling.

So far they have done neither and the coaching staff is just as responsible, if not more responsible, than Cassel and Quinn for the Chiefs offensive mess this season.

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